ROWDY was born in 2018 when Erica, ROWDY founder, craved a bender of a birthday party. Clubbing was Erica’s favorite way to unwind in her 20's but late nights out had taken a back seat to all her “adulting” e.g. work, family, schedules, sleep, etc even though the demands of adult life actually intensified her need to “let go”.

Erica was also a die-hard health aficionado that, over the course of 20 years, had tried every workout DVD, boutique fitness class type and new workout approach from NY to LA, Chicago to Denver and Austin to SF. During her business trips around the country she would deliberately book hotels near fitness studios to try them out before her meetings. Sometimes she even got in two different workouts in a day. But she would always return home unsatisfied because every workout always came up short.

Other workouts lacked a mind blowing sweat and endorphin rush.

Other workouts lacked powerful catchy music.

Other workouts lacked consistency from one class to the next.

Most workouts lacked all of the above.

Then Erica met JR Jones, a fitness veteran and realized they had a shared passion for health and helping people and set out to disrupt traditional fitness with a unique mindset - forget punishment, think party. ROWDY combines an invigorating feeling of clubbing with the thrill and energy of a killer workout. Instead of focusing on what you’ll lose like inches, pounds, calories, ROWDY experience is about what you’ll gain. More power, more strength, more muscle, more immunity, more focus, more being present. More out of life.


95% of those that try ROWDY for free, become subscribers. We’re growing 100% every month, and we’ve tripled our team in this year. People around the world are getting more results and more out of life with ROWDY.

If you’re tired of restrictions and workout boredom, ROWDY is for you.

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