How does it work? 
1. CLICK for your free trial 2. CHECK your email for your login and info (immediately sent) 3. CHOOSE your class (5 class formats ranging from 3 to 45 min) 4. GET ROWDY! Live, on demand. 24/7 anytime, anywhere 5. CONNECT with the community on email or texts and facebook group to stay motivated and ROWDY!

What happens after the 10-day free trial? 

The membership type you selected automatically starts after your free 10-day trial and you will automatically be billed. In case you decide to stop the membership, you have to cancel within the 10 days of the trial. Otherwise you will get charged.

When do I get billed?

Depending on the membership type you choose, you get billed either monthly, quarterly or annually.

Is the membership renewed automatically?

Yes, the membership is automatically renewed unless you cancel before the next membership period. For example, if you choose the 3-month membership, it is automatically renewed after 3 months for another 3 months.

How does cancelling the membership work?

A cancellation can be made anytime, but it will be valid from the next membership period on. You will have access to the platform until your current period ends. After that, your cancellation will be active and you no longer have access to the programs. 

Can I change my pricing membership plan? 

They are upgraded immediately, they will be charged, but the pro-rated amount that has not yet been used, will be discounted from the final price of the new plan.

What equipment is needed? 

No equipment is needed for ROWDY CARDIO, ROWDY HIIT OR ROWDY RECOVERY OR KIDS.  ROWDY POWER incorporates 1-10 lb dumbell weights but it is possible to do it with bodyweight only. 

How much space is needed to do ROWDY classes?

ROWDY classes can be done with limited space.  It is recommended 6x6. 

Where can I buy ROWDY GEAR?